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A game about Coal

Platform: Unity using C#

Team size: 32

Time: August 2013- November 2014

COLE is an exploration based, platformer game for iPhone/Android phones comprising of fun combat, interesting interactions and engaging setpieces.

Some of my major tasks included:

  • Implementing cutscene animation (First 1 minute of this video)

  • Optimization to reduce the memory consumption
  • Scaling the UI components for different device resolutions (iOS, Android)
  • Implementing a 'screen splitting' effect for pausing the game
  • Making the inventory system
  • Adding a persistence feature for health, food and other variables
  • Implementing a map feature
  • Laying mechanics for Surfing level
  • Setting some ground work for dialog system

The list is not limited to this as it is exclusive of other miscellaneous tasks. At every step, the project work involves working in cooperation and collaboration with fellow engineers, designers and leads.

I love developing games!

I have been playing games since I was a kid and for my final project of under graduation degree, I developed two PC games: Sky Savers and Street Wars. After graduating, I worked as a Systems Engineer for 13 months. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to work in a more challenging and creative field. I began my search for an opportunity to enhance my skill set.

The game development program at University of Southern California offered me that prospect. Hence, I pursued my master's degree in the same.

Besides games, I learnt mobile app development in my free time as the mobile industry fascinated me. This lead me to the opportunity to work as a Teaching Assitant at USC and I enjoyed helping others.

After graduating, I joined GREE where I work on War of Nations. In my free time, I sketch, read, write, dance and work on personal projects!

I am passionate about my work which drives me to get better at it everyday!